Sugar Bear and Friends

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--------Signature Front End Rocker

-------------25 Over

40 Over From 1978

---------60 Over

Sugar Bear Brochure, 1973

The Ace of Spades


Sugar Bear on His Personal Bike

The Lady, 1972 to Present


Orange Mike, 30 Over, SoCal

John Miller - Iowa

Rat - Oceanside, CA

-Zak Wylde - Cool Springs HD, Nashville, TN

Jim Emmons, Arizona

Big Al Richardson, Saskatchewan, Canada

Al Zrust - Covington's Cycle City--Oklahoma

Ron's Red Bike - SoCal

Mike B - SoCal

Charlie Brown 1998 - 2006 - SoCal 15 Over, No. 2 Rockers

Charlie Brown 2006 22 Over, No. 4 Rockers

Sugar Bear & The Count

----- Verna Murphy, Grand Junction, CO - '72 Shovel Kicker

----- Hawaii Biker Legend "Tiger" - 89 Years Young and Still Riding

Count's Kustoms Chopper with No. 2 Rockers

Motley Crue with Count's Krew, Las Vegas, NV

----- Ozzy Osbourne Count's Kustoms, Las Vegas

Count's Kustoms Chopper with No. 3 Rockers

Mike Brown's Discovery Bike - Amen Motorcycles, Tennessee

El Pitts - "Deadwood" - Vegas City Cycles

Buddy Johnson - Houston, TX

VCS Custom Cycles - Palmdale, CA

Miller Lite - Whiskey Choppers - Virginia

Billy Jones - Hawaii - by Count's Kustoms

Bushbaby Choppers - Nampa, Idaho

Arnold C - Los Angeles

-Tim McGraw's Bike - Cool Springs Harley Davidson, Nashville

-Zak Wylde's Other Bike - Cool Springs Harley Davidson, Nashville

Toby Keith's Bike - Cool Springs Harley Davidson, Nashville

Chuck's 58 - Riverside, CA

Mad Mike - Black Betty - Jax Cycles - Altoona, PA

Pyro Jeff - Las Vegas, NV

Jason "Lanesplitter" Hardee - Sumter, SC

Gloadean White - SoCal, 22 over

Mike Mitchell - NJ, Big Bear Merck, 28 over

Mike Blankeberg - Minn, VW Trike, 30 over

Dave Yonan - Burbank, CA